Divine Dogs Whitepaper

Mission Statement and Vision

777 Divine Dogs on a mission to provide a sustainable ecosystem and DeFi knowledge in Solana

Mission Statement

The goal of Divine Dogs is to provide an educational Solana DeFi ecosystem that promotes sustainability within Solana and our token $HALO. We believe DeFi promotes sustainability across all chains, by educating the NFT masses on Solana as well as bringing the sustainable elements from DeFi to the Divine Dog ecosystem we can create not only a long-term successful project but a flourishing Solana we call home. We aim to create a full suite of DeFi, Education, and most of all focused imperishable utilities for $HALO, backed by proof of work, transparency and dedication from our team. Our dream is for Divine Dogs to be the most sustainable project on Solana.


Divine Dogs was founded on the concept of sustainability and growth of the holder, financially and mentally. Lack of DeFi knowledge and the absence of projects with sustainability in mind run rampant on Solana and many in the space don't look outside of illiquid jpegs to grow their assets. Investors also don't realize how similar NFTs and DeFi can be at times. Our goal is to bridge this gap.
We will address our plan to execute this vision in each section of this whitepaper:
  • $HALO: The Engine of Divine Dogs
  • Education Initiative
  • Divine DeFi Approach
  • Divine Dog's Expansive Ecosystem
Other sub-sections will include:
  • Meet The Team
  • Launch